For the potential analysis, BIA Forst GmbH provided data from the production and ERP systems of two production plants. The production data included excellent production characteristics of the galvanization process (such as time stamps, duration and temperatures) as well as the target values of relevant process steps of the respective batches and their associated product group. The ERP data contained information from quality control, e.g. the type and number of defects. A precise correlation between the production data of individual batches and their quality characteristics was possible.

The SDSC-BW team was able to show BIA Forst GmbH a method for determining target values to reduce the number of defects. It found a correlation between temperature and humidity of a nearby site and a certain number of damages. It recommended installing thermometers and moisture sensors.

Data Innovation Community

Industry 4.0

Project partner

BIA, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg


Project duration

July 2018 – January 2019

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