SDCS-BW: ArtiMinds

SDCS-BW: ArtiMinds

The data provided by ArtiMinds came from an experiment in which a robotic arm searches for holes to place a component on an electronic circuit board. The experiment consisted of 120 runs that generated a total of 2,487 observations. For each observation, the robot arm’s start and end positions, force, and run time were recorded.

Using data analysis, the team of experts discovered the relationship between the start position, the robot arm’s search trajectory and the average time taken. Based on this, they developed a method that takes the robot arm’s start position and search trajectory as input and provides the expected search time of the robot arm. ArtiMinds can use this method as an evaluation function of the optimization algorithm and thus has the possibility to determine the optimal start position and search trajectory.

Data Innovation Community

Industrie 4.0

Project partner

ArtiMinds, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg


Project duration

June 2019 – November 2019

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