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Everyone (companies, institutes, students) can use the SDIL for non-commercial research on industrial data sources: no obligations arise from the use. Decide for yourself what you want to give back to the SDIL. Since 2019, there is the possibility to conduct micro-projects funded by the BMBF within the Smart Data Innovation Challenges. But the SDIL is also open for other publicly funded projects:


The core objective of the Smart Data Innovation Lab is to strengthen collaboration between industry and academia in the area of data engineering/smart data research. SDIL projects therefore receive free access to the resources of the SDIL lab (i.e. hardware, software, technical and organizational support – any additional funding for e.g. research staff must be secured separately). SDIL projects, typically have a duration of 3-6 months. These can be experiments in collaborative research projects, master theses or other research activities with industry relevance or on industrial data sources. 


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