Smart Data Innovation Lab

The Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) offers big data researchers unique access to a large variety of big data and in-memory technologies. Industry and science collaborate closely to find hidden value in big data and generate smart data. Projects focus on the strategic research areas of Industry 4.0, Energy, Smart Cities and Personalized Medicine.


The hardware and software provided by the SDIL platform enable researchers to perform their analytics on unique state-of-the-art hardware and software without acquiring, for example, separate licensing or dealing with complicated cost structures. It gives a chance to industrial data providers to analyze their data together with an academic partner in a fully secured on-premise environment at KIT.


SDIL provides access to experts and domain-specific skills within Data Innovation Communitiesfostering the exchange of project results. They further provide the possibility for open innovation and bilateral matchmaking between industrial partners and academic institutions.

Legal and Security

Template agreements and processes ensure fast project initiation at maximum legal security fit to the common technological platform. A standardized process allows anyone to set up a new collaborative project on SDIL within 2 weeks.

Data Curation

Das SDIL garantiert allen Partnern eine nachhaltige Investition durch die Kuratierung von industriellen Datenquellen, Best-Practices und Code-Artifakten, die angemessen der SDIL-Initiative beigesteuert werden. Weiterhin, schließt das SDIL aktiv Open-Data und quelloffene Entwicklung mit ein, um die Analyselösungen auf Industrieniveau, die die Plattform zur Verfügung stellt, zu ergänzen.

Data Anonymization

The SDIL offers various anonymization tools to its projects which are applicable to data from research and industrial sources.