The VDAR-project goes back to the framework project “Software Campus” supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In this project, the energy data from electricity grid (such as consumption data, capacity information, etc.) and electricity market (such as supply and demand, price information, etc.) are analyzed for evaluating the concept of a decentralized electricity market.

Within the scope of the VDAR-research project, control concepts have been explored that combine the economic system of the electricity market and the physical system of the electricity grid in a decoupled control circuit. The control circuit that is suggested models distributed electricity grids and a decentralized electricity market. This approach of controlling facilitates a dynamic balance between supply and demand in the electricity grid and on the market. The application aim is to increase the control speed of the physical electricity grid and the decentralized energy market. Therefore, the availability of energy will be ultimately improved.

Project Partners



Prof. Dr. Michael Beigl, michael.beigl@kit.edu

Project duration

Juni 2014 – December 2014