SDSC-BW: Smart Data supported campaign analysis for marketing

With the speed in which IT topics are now being pushed forward, even media companies have to adapt more quickly and become flexible. In particular, this includes marketing and sales activities in order to keep the customers satisfied and to raise further potential. For the analysis project of the Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg (SDSC-BW), the Huber publishing company provided anonymised information about the concluded contracts of their services. The contracts and customer data, as well as the related marketing activities, were collected over a period of 72 months. In total, information from 943 database tables was processed and a quarter of a million data sets were analyzed and evaluated.

The goal of the data analysis was initially the identification and segmentation of the existing customer base into different customer groups and the subsequent assignment of characteristic features to each of the groups discovered. In addition, a search was made for the interrelations between successful contracts and the marketing activities carried out in the past. Using the analysis carried out by SDSC-BW, it was possible to identify typical customer groups as well as to anticipate their reaction to targeted marketing campaigns. These new findings will be taken into account in future marketing campaigns, in order to provide the Huber publishing company with competitive advantages when targeting new customer contact.

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