SDSC-BW: Bilcare

SDSC-BW: Bilcare

Hard film products are produced via so-called calenders, large heated or cooled rolls, through which the raw material is passed. In this investigation, the focus was on the data of such calender systems, equipped with rotation and temperature sensors on the rollers. For the smart data analysis of the Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg (SDSC-BW), the hard-film manufacturer Bilcare collected high-resolution sensor values from different calenders over a period of six months and made these available to the data analysts. In total, the company recorded the production of 13,000 individual orders with an average weight of 2 tonnes each in 1,500 production layers. Highest quality is one of the most important differentiation features in the resource conserving production of films made of raw material. The task of the SDSC-BW was to find references to further improvement potentials within the acquired process parameters. They considered, for example, data quality aspects, such as the number of missing or incorrect entries. After the merge, cleanup, and segmentation of the data sets, the SDSC-BW experts then used the help of smart data tools to examine different questions for Bilcare. Among other things, it was important to identify significant differences in the production behavior with regard to energy consumption for different materials or to identify malfunctions and anomalies during production.

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Project partners

Bilcare Research GmbH, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg

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Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg

Duration of the project

January 2015 – October 2015

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