SDSC-BW: Mader

SDSC-BW: Mader

Published September 2017.

Air needs high expenditure of energy for its compression – to improve the energy efficiency of the necessary compressed air systems is a big issue for the company Mader, manufacturer of air compressor systems. With the support of SDSC-BW, the company has started smart data analysis of its data to explore previously undiscovered patterns.

A free-of-charge potential analysis of the time series data of a pressure control system from Mader helped with the knowledge acquisition, in what extent the data would be suited for a predictive maintenance. Simultaneously the data has been examined with a time series analysis on further possibilities for an energy-efficient optimization of the compressor. The results of the analysis point out the role of smart data analysis and let the potential for further improving of energy efficiency become evident.

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Mader, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg