The BMBF-funded project “Smart Data Innovation processes, tools and operational concepts (SDI-X)” explores appropriate tools and best practices to not only facilitate extensive data analysis projects between different research and industry partners but also enable their prompt implementation. The project is one of the publicly-funded pillars that support the operation of the SDIL and as a consequence thereof the cross-cutting activities.

On the technical side, the project aims at exploring and developing a technical infrastructure, as well as appropriate code and data repositories based on concrete SDIL datasets and algorithms. The results of the projects will be fully integrated into the SIDL and its projects. Another key aspect is the legal and organizational groundwork for a prompt implementation of such analysis projects. Therefore, SDI-X will work out suitable contracts and processes. The curating of data for the SDI-X-project is maintained by Fraunhofer IASIS (Prof. Sören Auer) and DFKI (Prof. Paul Lukowicz). In addition, the project develops basics for the SDIL, particularly with regard to the following subjects: multi-platform operation, project and user administration, re-use of results, curating and anonymization of data.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Beigl,

Project Duration

Sept. 2015 – Aug. 2018