SDCS-BW: Ensinger

SDCS-BW: Ensinger

As fickle as the weather is, it is decisive for beverage producers: Very warm weather in particular has a decisive impact on consumers’ drinking and buying behavior. In order to prevent possible bottlenecks on hot days, manufacturers must therefore include the weather situation in their production planning. After all, at the same time it is important to avoid overproduction with the corresponding storage costs when demand is lower. When estimating production volumes, Ensinger has so far relied on empirical values from the previous year’s periods. The analysis of the SDSC-BW showed that even a relatively low-effort approach can substantially improve the reliability of sales forecasts (by around 37 percent). Integrating this first step into production planning seems comparatively easy. By quantifying additional influences, some of which are already known to the domain experts, it is also possible to further reduce the variance.

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January 2019 – September 2019

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