Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs

This project is part of the Transforming Transport EU lighthouse project. The TransformingTransport project will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transformative effects that Big Data will have to the mobility and logistics market.

TransformingTransport brings together knowledge, solutions and impact potential of major European ICT and Big Data technology providers with the competence and experience of key European industry players and public bodies in the mobility and logistics domain. This project should demonstrate how solutions for objectives of a seaport pilot can be replicated and reused for the more challenging setting of an inland port. Compared to seaport, the added complexity in inland port stems e.g. from the fact that the port is situated in the middle of large city and at the centre of large metropolitan area.

This means that it has a multitude of roads, tracks and water ways that serve as entry and exist points for containers to and from the actual terminals and ports. In addition, roads need to be shared with many other cars within the metropolitan area. This task will extend the results of a large national innovation project on logistics control towers (LoFIP) and enhances it with advanced Big Data analytics and visualization capabilities that integrate the various relevant data sources from the port and terminals.

Data Innovation Community

Smart Infrastructures

Project partners

Software AG, paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology) University of Duisburg-Essen, duisport – Duisburger Hafen AG

Contact person

Dirk Mayer, dirk.mayer@softwareag.com

Project duration

June 2017 – Dec. 2019