The availability of immense amounts of data offers the potential to understand complex relationships not only with recourse to the underlying processes but through the smart monitoring of their results. MedTrend1 is a proof-of-concept study that aims at identifying social trends with medical relevance out of large amounts of Smart Data.

For a successful study, it is crucial to combine Smart Data acquisition, on the one hand, with smart analysis on the other hand. Within the scope of MedTrend1, we pursue exactly this combination: large amounts of public data from web pages are prepared by established methods and then analyzed in order to identify social trends that show an effect on the development of medication.

To prove a significant value proposition for research and industry, the smart analysis needs to reveal more than is already known. Therefore, a major concern of MedTrend1 is to validate the trends found in the data on the basis of machine learning methods.

Data Innovation Community


Project Partner

Bayer AG, Fraunhofer IAIS

Contact Person

Dr. Kathrin Hatz,

Dr. Steffen Schaper,

Project Duration

Jun. 2016 – Sept. 2016