SDSC-BW: Hectronic

SDSC-BW: Hectronic

Smart software solutions can monitor tank levels and protect storage tanks from idling or overfilling. For this, many different sensor data such as level, temperature and pressure (density) must be recorded. Hectronic GmbH is specialized in these intelligent system solutions for parking, filling station and tank content management. The software solutions are designed to optimize cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.

To early detect impurities in storage tanks caused by, for instance, mixing two types of media or water deposits, and thus avoid major damage to service station operators, SDSC-BW carried out a potential analysis based on Hectronic’s sensor data over a period of several months for various filling media. Not only physical dependencies as well as possible mixing of the media had to be considered, the connection with external influences, such as the temperature, was also an important factor. The SDSC team developed a method that can reliably determine the type of filling medium based on the sensor data. Through the potential analysis, the quality index, which measures the purity and quality of the medium, could be made statistically robust. The method can be further developed into a reliable early-warning system that gives Hectronic a decisive, data-driven sales advantage.

Data Innovation Community

Industry 4.0

Project partners

Hectronic GmbH, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg

Contact person

Ulrich Frey, Head of Business Unit Sensor Technology

Period of the project

September 2018 – June 2019

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