SDSC BW: Echobot

SDSC BW: Echobot

Every day Echobot Media Technologies GmbH analyzes millions of texts from websites, social media and news sites for its customers. These analyses help, for example, with marketing, sales or the optimization of public relations. In order to analyze digital contents, Echobot first has to perform an automatic classification of the recorded texts. The selection and optimum configuration are decisive and have a lasting influence on the quality of the later results. The aim of the project with the SDSC BW was to identify both hardware and software optimization potential and to derive recommendations for the analytical methods used. The particular challenge in the project was the large number of different text classes and the resulting large number of training data.

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Data Innovation Community

Industry 4.0

Project partners

Echobot Media Technologies GmbH, Smart Data Solution Center Baden-Württemberg

Contact person

Dr. Matthias Keller, Head of Data Science

Duration of the project

August 2016 – April 2017

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