SDIL Platform

The SDIL platform is a powerful in-memory computing infrastructure provided free of charge to research projects by our project partners. It is operated by the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) at KIT and offers state-of-the-art software and hardware.

The SDIL infrastructure includes in detail

SDIL Security and Privacy

The SDIL platform is protected by multiple tiered firewalls. Access is only possible via dedicated login machines and only allowed to users who have been previously registered in our identity management system. The hardware itself is operated in a segregated server room with dedicated access control. All data processing is carried out in compliance with German data protection law. Access to data sources is only possible if explicitly authorized in advance by the data provider. To protect against data loss, we perform regular encrypted backups in our tape library. After completion of an SDIL project, the data of the project is deleted from the platform. Translated with (free version)

Data storage for projects

After you register your user account for SDIL, you can load and process data into the platform. The SFTP and SCP protocols are available for copying to the platform. All users will have a dedicated, private directory for their files. For projects where multiple users are working together, we provide project directories that only members of the project can access. To give you the ability to recover accidentally deleted or modified files, we provide encrypted file system snapshots. These are available for both user and project directories. Translated with (free version)