Sign up for the Data Management module

Sign up for the Data Management module

The Data Management module contains an introduction to the topic of data and familiarizes you with the basics. The team of Dr. Thomas Bönisch (HLRS) will also guide you through the technical basics, ontology and model design of metadata and methods and tools for handling data in repositories. Finally, the topics of dark data and data stewardship will be addressed.

Content Areas

  • Technical basics of data management
  • Metadata – vocabularies and ontologies
  • Metadata – metadata model design
  • Repositories: Storing, archiving, and publishing data
  • Repositories: Methods and tools
  • Dark data and organizational issues

Competencies to be acquired


  • You will get an introduction to the basic concepts around data
  • You will understand the technical basics of data management
  • You will learn about ontologies and models of metadata
  • You will be able to apply methods and tools for dealing with repositories
  • You are aware of data stewardship with respect to dark data
  • You will be able to distinguish between different storage technologies and devices
  • You can understand the different characteristics of data storage devices and their performance parameters and the resulting areas of application.
  • You can understand the functionality of file systems and their characteristics.
  • They have a basic understanding of rational databases.
  • They have understanding of the problems of data transfer between computers and sites.
  • You will learn the term metadata and understand why metadata is important.
  • You will be able to distinguish between the terms data and metadata.
  • You will be able to classify metadata categories.
  • You will be able to apply controlled vocabularies and ontologies.
  • You will learn about EngMeta as a metadata model for engineering.
  • You understand how to describe data in its domain of application
  • You are familiar with the transformation of descriptions into object models
  • You understand how object models are transformed into formal language
  • You understand the basic concepts of repositories
  • You can use different types of repositories for different purposes
  • You understand how to proceed with licensing of data
  • You are able to work with repositories
  • You will learn about the APIs REST, SWORD and OAI-PMH
  • You will learn about tools for data dissemination
  • You understand how to handle complicated metadata in a simple way
  • You are familiar with projects and solutions that use repositories in science
  • You are able to explain the concept of dark data and the problems behind it
  • You are familiar with solutions to avoid or reduce dark data, especially data accountability and decision criteria.
  • You are familiar with creating a data management plan.

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