2nd call for proposals for AI microprojects in the BMBF-funded research project SDI-C

Calls for funding
2nd call for AI microprojects in the BMBF-funded research project SDI-C.
The goal of the SDIC microprojects is to achieve a short time span between idea and implementation of AI research in collaboration with the Smart Data Innovation Lab (more info at: https://www.sdil.de/sdi-c). Starting in December 2020, the BMBF will fund up to 6 AI microprojects at DFKI, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and KIT, each with a maximum of 6 person-months in SDIL on industrial data.

Funding will be provided for the best project ideas with a clear reference to industrial data, involving companies (or also public authorities) as associated application partners and data providers, of which:

Up to 3 open-topic micro-projects with technological lighthouse character.
In this round of calls, funding will be provided in particular for applied AI projects that make a relevant contribution to future technologies that are not yet ready for the market but are potentially disruptive. The AI research should be based on data from tech startups and highly innovative companies (series of measurements, simulations, …) and

Up to 3 AI micro-projects with high exploitation potential in terms of pandemic-related effects.
AI projects are to be supported in view of current and future challenges, which e.g. strengthen the administrative, economic or health sector through the use of AI.

Selection of applications
In addition to scientific quality, the use of industrial data source and a clear exploitation plan, the profitable use of computing resources in SDIL (www.sdil.de/plattform) is relevant for the selection. In particular, the integration of data and issues from small and medium-sized enterprises is desired, which should benefit from the analysis of their data as unfunded partners. (Interested companies are welcome to contact office@sdil.de early in the process without an academic partner). The SDIL provides a legally and technically secure framework for processing the data within the microproject applied for.

Application process
The completed application for SDI-C Call for Proposals 3 (preferably in docx format) must be sent to the consortium leader’s office (office@sdil.de) by 25.10.2020. We are also happy to advise applicants in advance. Technical and organizational requirements of the respective microproject regarding infrastructure should be clarified with the platform support (sdil-platform-support@lists.kit.edu).

You will receive feedback on the success of the review within 4 weeks after the submission deadline. The project can start immediately after funds have been released and a cooperation agreement has been signed with the data provider. The final release of funds is applied for immediately by the funded institute on the basis of a joint steering committee decision and then happens after review by the funding body, so that the funding can be available within a few weeks!