Detect the position of the dimension and provide the angle information of the detected positions

Frauenhofer IOSB

Distributed evaluation of high-frequency measurement data from industrial production for quality optimization and condition monitoring

SIS Software

Predicting people flows when only short-term training data is available

SDCS-BW: ArtiMinds

The relationship between the start position, the search trajectory of the robot arm, and the average time spent

SDCS-BW: Schlötter

Intelligently predict sales volumes to reduce losses caused by inaccurate forecasts

SDCS-BW: Ensinger

The first step for better sales forecasting to prevent possible shortages on hot days

SDCS-BW: BrandGroup

A more accurate setting of the measurement characteristics and early identification of quality deviations

SDSC-BW: Coral

Network knowledge better -Implementation of a neural active learning network architecture.

SDSC-BW: Vitra

Sales forecasts of shape and color – a predictive model based on sales figures