We accelerate research on industrial data

The SDIL provides comprehensive infrastructure and support to collaborative research projects on industrial data (from master thesis to BMBF project) to bridge today's gap between academic research and industry problems through a data-driven innovation cycle.


The SDIL platform is a powerful in-memory computing infrastructure that is provided to research projects free of charge by our project partners. The application partners contributing data and/or systems benefit directly from the prototypical implementation and the visibility promoted by the project.
Industry data and
research questions
Cutting-edge research in artificial
Secure and scalable hardware
and software
Faster Artificial Intelligence Innovations

SDIL Microprojects

Projects typically have a duration of up to 6 months. The platform and framework offers a quick start to experiment with big data and complex AI models on state-of-the-art systems. The SDIL provides access to experts and domain-specific skills, and fosters topic-based sharing of project results within its Data Innovation Communities.

Feature: Videos of the SDI-C microprojects of the first bidding rounds