Frequently Asked Questions

The infrastructure, including technical support, is provided free-of-charge by the SDIL operation partners to any SDIL project. SDIL projects are encouraged to contribute a fair share, e.g. code artifacts or data sources, back to the SDIL initiative.
No. The SDIL matches datasets and research questions between partners. Using SDIL does not imply any obligations: yout data stays your intellectual property. Certainly, we rely on you sharing your knowledge and we are happy if you contribute the datasets and code from your projects to research in general. But you decide on your own and on each case individually.

Any research collaboration between industry and academic partners on real-world data analysis in the areas of Industry 4.0, Energy, Smart Cities or Medicine is a potential SDIL project. The application process, that typically can be decided in two weeks, is described here: application process.

Everybody who conducts a project on the SDIL infrastructure is a SDIL partner. You can apply now or contact your Data Innovation Community of interest for project partners and project ideas.
There are no limits in terms of project size. Simply apply for your first project: you will see it is easy.
We strictly enforce access control to the data you upload into the platform. Other SDIL partners cannot see your data. The platform integrates state-of-the-art identity management and security measures. All data are stored on premise at a physically secured location at the SCC.
It depends on your problem. With exclusive access to the platform, you can use all of its memory and CPUs for a defined period of time.
The SDIL provides unique state-of-the-art commercial in-memory analytics engines. It primarily targets interactive/real-time big data analytics. Look at our list of projects to get an impression of what is possible.
In SDIL you are working on the bare metal and optimized hardware. The pre-installed software solutions provided by SAP, Software AG, and IBM are fully-integrated and ready-to-use in all projects. Licenses for a large set of commercial analytics modules are already available, e.g. SPSS Modeler and SAP PAL.
As soon as you have received your SDIL account, you can log-in into one of our login servers and start working with our offered analytics solutions. You can find details in the platform documentation. Alternatively, if you are an academic partner and your university is part of the Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN) you may also log-in using Shibboleth.