Churn warning system

Churn warning system

Make accurate and timely predictions so that the company has sufficient time to retain its customers

John Deere

John Deere

Reduction of rework and the avoidance of errors in the manufacture of tractors

SDSC BW: Precise planning of production processes

Sedus Stoll AG is a full-service provider of office equipment and workplace concepts. For the analysis project of the SDSC BW, Sedus provided data from the production of office chairs, which are available in a large number of configuration variants. The data described monthly production volumes for specific article configurations for a period of 108 […]



Detection and evaluation of anomalies in graphics

SDSC BW: Sawing with the SDSC experts

During the planning and production of sawn timber a wide range of data accumulates: from quality data of the wood to the data generated at the saw line and the sales data. In a joint project with the SDSC-BW, the sawmill Karl Streit from the Black Forest optimized its approach to the planning of round […]

BigGIS: Fusion of geospatially distributed heterogeneous Sensor Data

The BigGIS project deals with big data and the fusion of uncertain geographic data. Increasing data volumes and increasingly complex calculation models require fast and robust procedures. This is the topic of the BigGIS project, in which integrated procedures for dealing with uncertainty within (geo-)big data are developed. Together with the SDIL, suitable algorithms are […]

SDSC BW: The appropiate algorithms for Big Data

Every day Echobot Media Technologies GmbH analyzes millions of texts from websites, social media and news sites for its customers. These analyses help, for example, with marketing, sales or the optimization of public relations. In order to analyze digital contents, Echobot first has to perform an automatic classification of the recorded texts. The selection and […]

SDSC BW: In search of unknown correlations

Nowadays at Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH, a modern production of oils and lubricants is inconceivable without information technology. The resulting data are worth gold: they provide information about the product itself (in the resource planning system – ERP) and about the materials used (in the process control system – PLS). To achieve the desired product quality, […]

SDSC BW: Dynamic Machine Planning with Smart Data Technologies

During the production process at the automotive supplier Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH, various data accumulate at different times. These come, for example, from the machine used, their equipment or the origin of a component (manufacturer, batch). For the SDSC BW experts, the company provided the data of the whole process that are generated during and after […]

SDSC BW: Plant growth by means of image recording

The da-cons GmbH sells products for the determination of a variety of plant properties. To this end, it has developed the PhenoScreen system, which supports the seed industry in plant breeding and is based on sensors such as cameras, hygrometers and luxmeters. During the growth of the plants significant amounts of images are taken, which […]