SDIC Meetup 2020

SDIC Meetup 2020

Live Stream 9:00 Einlass in 9:30 Begrüßung „Warum Smart Data Innovation Challenges wichtig für die Forschung sind“, Michael Beigl, Sprecher des SDIL, KIT “Von Big Data zu KI aus der Perspektive einer Europäischen Public Private Partnership“, Laure Le Bars, VP BDVA / SAP 10:00 Die Rolle von KI in der Mobilität jenseits des autonomen Fahrens Vorstellung und […]

SDSC-BW: Presciently increasing the energy efficiency

Air needs high expenditure of energy for its compression – to improve the energy efficiency of the necessary compressed air systems is a big issue for the company Mader, manufacturer of air compressor systems. With the support of SDSC-BW, the company has started smart data analysis of its data to explore previously undiscovered patterns. A […]

Detect Polluted Tank Levels Early With Smart Data Analysis

Smart software solutions can monitor tank levels and protect storage tanks from idling or overfilling. For this, many different sensor data such as level, temperature and pressure (density) must be recorded. Hectronic GmbH is specialized in these intelligent system solutions for parking, filling station and tank content management. The software solutions are designed to optimize […]

Smart prediction of shipping volumes with AI-models

Predicting shipping volumes with artificial intelligence instead of intuitive prediction was the goal of the smart data experts at SDSC-BW together with the logistics and transport company LGI. The comparative analysis shows that the advanced models built by the SDSC-BW data analysts perform better than the conventional methods. The Logistics Group International GmbH (LGI) has […]

Analyze of user behavior based on web protocol data using the example of

Statistical statements based on website visit logs such as the click-through rate, that means the number of clicks on listed offers in relation to the total number of visits to the website, are strongly distorted by the dominating bot-share among the users. Price comparison sites such as needs to segment users of their website […]

Smart Technician Mission Planning (STEP)

The research project “Smart Technician Mission Planning ” (STEP) aims to simultaneously increase the efficiency of technician assignments and the availability of machinery. Information from and about machines generated by emerging technologies, such as predicted service demand, will be used. STEP is funded by the federal ministry of economy and energy (BMWi) in the context […]

SDSC BW: sales forecasts of shape and colour

The aim of the potential analysis for the furniture manufacturer Vitra AG was the improvement of production planning through a better turnover prediction of its product. The challenge for the company’s forecast was the wide pallette of colours and materials. In cooperation with Vitra, the SDSC-BW experts developed a predictive model based on the sales […]

Predictive maintenance at risk: A churner warning system

Previous studies have reached consens about the economic value of customer retention, that (1) the cost to win a new customer is much greater than the cost to retain customer (Dawes and Swailes.1999); (2) long-term customers buy more, and if satisfied may bring new customers (Ganesh et al.2000); (3) losing customers not only leads to […]

Optimization of the production processes at John Deere

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of the most important objectives in the implementation of the Industry 4.0 strategy. They both strongly depend on an early error detection and troubleshooting. Therefore, the project mainly aims at the reduction of the rework and the avoidance of errors during the production of tractors at the John Deere factory […]